Vascular Doppler

Checking the patency of the vessels


A very important tests amongst diabetics to check for the patency of the blood vessels.

With age, and with diabetes, blood vessels may occlude or block due to various reasons. This will cause reduction in blood flow to the extremetis and sometime even block 100% causing death of the fingers or toes – Ischemic Gangrene. 

This test will tell us the percentage of vessel block and thus helps in taking crucial decisions in managing the patient with diabetes complications.

What is the total duration of this study?

Ideally, around 40 mins but ranges between 30 – 60 mins. It all depends on the complexity of the condition and the experience of the technician performing the test. At Marigold, on an average 45 mins is the duration of the study

Is this done even for Varicose veins

Yes, this is one of the standard test done to understand the functions of the peripheral valves and for blood clots if any

How does it work?

As the blood flows in the arteries, it generates shorter sound waves that will be captured by the device transducer. Based on this, the reports are generated with the internal algorithm that uses ECG also.