Testing the hollow organs within the abdomen

Most commonly used tool to access and visualize the functions of the internal organs, mainly in the abdomen.

At Marigold, we have this equipment for routine diagnostic and sometime therapeutic use.

Do we adhere to PNDT Act?
Yes, as per law we at Marigold Hospitals, do not reveal the sex of the baby during the scan. We follow standard operating protocols while we wheel the patient for scanning. We adhere to it and do not disclose the sex at any case.
Do you do therapeutic ultrasound?
Need be yes, with the help of radiologists, we do therapeutic ultrasound if we need to take out fluids or inject some medicines inside the organ. Ideally we do small procedures limited to diabetic and its complications. If we feel the procedure needs to be done in the higher center, we will facilitate the process.
Do I need to stop taking medicines when scan is planned?
No, there is no need to stop the medicines. Some time doctors advise you for a empty stomach or to have full bladder to ease the process or scan for best results. Otherwise, there is no much obligations to do this test.