Bone Mineral Densitometry

Checking the strength of the bones


A key tool to check the status of minerals within the bone. Especially for endocrine disorders and for geriatric patients. 

The major condition affecting ladies and geriatric patients is osteoporosis and this test is the gold standard to access the extent.

Our trained staff conducts this test with ease and forward it to the referring doctor for interpretation.

How long is the procedure?

Our staff at Marigold may not take more than 30 minutes to conduct this test. However, the reporting may take some time as it will be interpreted by the treating physician.

Do I need to get this done regularly?

Some medicines do wonders and some may not based on the patients response to the treatment. After several weeks of treatment, doctor may need to check the response by redoing this test and comparing it to older report. If there is a significant improvement, he will continue the same medicines, if not he may change the medicines.

Are there any risks in this test?

Its a zero risk test but may not be good for pregnant women. The test does not cause any side effects.