2D Echo

Diagnostic tool for cardiac care

Two-dimensional Echo is a diagnostic tool to capture images of the heart and its related structures.

Our echocardiographers, closely work in team with the treating physicians and analyse the cardiac structure to take up crucial decisions in patient care management.



Why do you need 2D echo?
Your doctor may need to find the function of the heart, its structures, the movement, ability to pump, blood flow patterns – abnormal forward and backward movement, or any kind of infections to the valves.
Does this test hurts the patient?
Absolutely, no. The test is a non-invasive and superficial one done by placing the probe on the chest. It may need some media / get to reduce loss of signals, otherwise it is a painless procedure.
Mechanism of the equipment
The transducer produces shortwave sounds that are passed inside the body by placing the equipment on the chest. It then captures the reflected sounds and generates a report.