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The science that deals with the hormones and its functions is Endocrinology. This discipline in medicine is a relatively new specialization taking care of the disease conditions that are because of impairment of the hormone production and its actions. There are seven glands in the human body that produce essential hormones. The impaired action may be of developmental delays to behavioural abnormality. All these glands are controlled by Hypothalamus, a part of brain. Impaired action of this part of the brain will also lead to endocrine problems. Our doctors at Marigold are specialized in addressing these issues and excelled managing these disease conditions. Some of the most common endocrine disorders are listed below.

Pituitary Gland+
A tiny organ in the middle of brain is a key gland that controls & regulate other endocrine glands.The main function includes development milestones, and key determinant to the gender to be a male or to be a female
Thyroid Disorders+
A tiny gland situated just beneath the Adam’s apple in the neck. This is an essential gland that produces Thyroid hormone, that also regulate the metabolism. There are many conditions that are due to lack of production or utilization of these hormones. Some of the most common conditions are being highlithed in the Knowledge base section.
Para-thyroid Gland+
Calcium is an essential element in the growth of the body. It is well controlled by this tiny glands in between the Thyroid gland. The hormone parathormone controls and regulates the calcium level in the body. Impaired actions leads to many disease conditions that are described in our Knowledge base.
A key hormone that regulates the blood sugar is the produce of Pancrease. Glucose is the main source of energy for the human body and impaired action leads to devastating conditions from hypoglicemic black outs to diabetic keto-acidosis leading to multi-organ failure.
Adrenal Glands+
Adrenal rush is a consequence of the release of the hormone in stress. Aldosterone is the derivatives of this gland and is the key in flight-or-fight situation. Impaired action of this hormone leads to many syndrome of metabolism
Ovaries in females and testis in males are the gonods responsible for key gender related functionalities. Imaired function results to many condition that affects the modesty and creates a sense of stigma within. Our doctors takes care of the conditions confidentially & works towards its progress. Pineal Gland
Pineal Gland+
A tiny organ within the brain controls the sleep and awake status of an individual. The circadian rythm is a continuous automatic activity of sleep and awake is regular intervals. Impaired production of the hormone may lead to impaired sleep rythm