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Internal Medicine
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Internal Medicine

Best Internal Medicine Hospital In Bangalore

Marigold Hospital’s department of Internal Medicine acts as the backbone of patient care, with its various specialty centres that integrate the dynamic range of subspecialities of internal medicine. Our Outpatient Department (OPD) treats a large number of patients on a regular basis.

Why Marigold Hospital?

Marigold Hospital strives to attain excellence by pursuing multifaceted missions of research, services and utmost quality of patient care. Our combined patient-centric care along with the expertise of specialists and advanced medical technology provides therapeutic treatment with an aim to promote not only preventive care but counselling for lifestyle modification as well. Contact us if you are looking for internal medicine services in Bangalore.

Around 80 percent of older adults are affected by at least one chronic disease. Around 77 percent are affected by at least two chronic diseases. The four main chronic diseases are cancer, diabetes, stroke and heart disease. At Marigold Hospital, our multidisciplinary team of Internal Medicine, from various departments are well coordinated to work on cases of infectious diseases, gastroenteritis, fevers and all other medical conditions. Our specialty OPD’s of neurology, diabetes, cardiology and rheumatology are well equipped to provide the best care for all patients.

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