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TMT is the most widely used tool to assess the functional capacity of the heart. An uncontrolled diabetes will affect the functions of all the organs, and this tool is part of the management protocols to assess the status of heart function amongst our diabetic patients. Our physician works closely with the technicians to access this function.The findings of this tool will help our doctors to plan the treatment.

Is this a diagnostic or therapeutic tool?+
TMT is a diagnostic tool to access the function. In a comprehensive management approach, it is mandatory for the doctor to access the functions of heart in diabetics to manage appropriately.
What is Silent cardiac arrest? Silent MI ?+
Diabetics have the tendencies of having heart attacks “MI” without pain. Many times due to neuropathy, patients may not experience the pain due to MI and may suddenly die giving no chance to review. It is hence necessary to undergo preventive health check to know the status of the heart function, ideally annually to make sure they are not prone for MI or if they experience it, they could give sufficient time to intervene.
Is this part of the Health Packages?+
Some health packages include this, especially cardiac packages. You need to check the details of the package to know whether this test is included in the package or not.